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Welcome to Embody Results!
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Judge not, lest ye miss out on hidden beauty.

I bought some bok choy the other day. It was a typical bok choy, pretty unremarkable. I mean...it's leaves were a lovely shade of green and all, but still...bok choy is bok choy... am I right? I love leafy greens and buy them often. They're so good for you and add a lot of nutrients to your diet! Because they're such a staple, I rarely look at them other than to make sure they're not witly or buggy. I never thought to take a picture of it, so here's a random online photo.

Being a cruciferous, leafy green veggie, you know it has all kinds of vitamins and minerals. In fact, bok choy is very high in Vitamins A, C, K, and folate, and minerals like calcium, manganese, and iron. We also get some fiber and protein, as well as a bit of magnesium, zinc, and copper. It has a mild flavor so it's great raw or steamed. It lends well to soups, salads, stir-fries, and even smoothies! The entire stalk is edible so there's less waste and it's also not expensive in most stores. 

When I got out my super-healthy bok choy to slice it up for dinner, I pulled back all the leaves to wash out the dirt. Toward the middle were some little sprouts of new stalks. This bok choy was replicating itself. It wasn't really surprising because you can grow things like lettuce and cabbage by putting their base/stem area in water. Leaves will sprout in as little as a couple days and before long you'll have a whole new plant to harvest or put in soil. The real surprise came when I got to the middle. Right there, in the center of my unremarkable bok choy, was a little cluster of beautiful yellow flowers. Not only were they lovely, they smelled amazing! Who knew?!?

I was so surprised and showed everyone my bok choy flowers and made them smell them! I put them in water and they continue to grow and bloom. Next to them, in another cup of water, is the base of the bok choy, growing like crazy!

I've looked at those flowers every day. I couldn't help but think that they are an exceptional lesson. Regardless of their outer appearance, everyone has beauty inside of them. Don't pass them by like bok choy in the grocery store. And never underestimate your own beauty! Always look for the flowers within!

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