Welcome to Embody Results!

Welcome to Embody Results!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

New Beginnings!

I started Lively Siren Coaching in 2011 when I became a coach with a well-known direct sales fitness company. It evolved as I expanded on my own personal wellness journey. In 2014, I became a Certified Wellness Coach and Lively Siren Coaching became a licensed business. It was incredibly exciting!

In the past six years since I gave my coaching business a name, much has changed. Not only has my business evolved, but my entire life has as well. In the beginning, I was restarting my life, building my business, making my name. Lively Siren felt empowering at a time when I really needed strength. I have enjoyed being "the Lively Siren" all these years! 

Once my coaching business was off the ground, my focus shifted from what I was doing to get started to what I was offering my clients. The more people I met and the more I put out there, the more I began to realize that my name didn't seem to match what I was offering. It has taken quite some time to let go of a name to which I held so tightly, but sometimes we need to shed that which no longer serves us in order to move forward to bigger and better things.

Today, Lively Siren Coaching becomes Embody Results!

According to the Oxford Dictionary:
Embody [verb] - Be an expression of, or give a tangible or visible form to, an idea, quality, or feeling. 
Result [noun] - A thing that is caused or produced by something else; a consequence or outcome.

You might say: To embody something is to manifest it, as well as to revel in it. Results are the consequences of your efforts.

To Embody your Results, you're creating and celebrating them at the same time.

My mission is still to provide each client with personal wellness solutions. We will focus on your needs, your health, your goals, and your success. Each step forward in your journey is the result of your efforts. From small victories to major milestones, you are manifesting positive results and should be celebrating them! So let's get to work so you can start to Embody Results today!

Please make note of my new social media links:
My new email address is june@embodyresults.com. 

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!!!