Welcome to Embody Results!

Welcome to Embody Results!
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Embody Results is now affiliated with Plant Therapy!

“Not all essential oils are created equal, and neither are the companies that sell them.
Whether you know nothing about essential oils and are just starting to research them or you have been using them for many, many years, we all have one thing in common: we want the purest and highest quality essential oils available.”

Yes, friends, I’m jumping on the essential oil bandwagon! Don’t worry, though; I’m not selling oils for an MLM company. After researching for quite a while, Embody Results has aligned with a great company that offers high quality oils at small business prices - Plant Therapy! 

If they're not a direct sales (mlm) company, how have I aligned with them? Embody Results has joined Plant Therapy's affiliate program! Whenever you purchase Plant Therapy oils through my links, I earn a small commission.
Why is this better than direct sales? When you order directly from Plant Therapy:
  • you get free shipping on every order 
  • you benefit from their 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • you know that your oils are fresh and new instead of wondering how long I've had them 
  • you can shop whenever and wherever you want without having to wait for me
  • your oils will be delivered right to your door in 5-10 business days instead of waiting for me to order and receive them and then bring or ship them to you
  • you help me earn a commission without feeling pressured to spend more than you want or to "join my team"
Since I'm not buying them to sell to you, I don't have discounted pricing to offer you. But don't worry about not getting discounted prices. Plant Therapy's oils are so affordable, you'll feel like you're getting discounts on everything! I'm not even kidding!

About these low prices... I’m talking a 10mL bottle of 100% pure lavender essential oil for $6.95 or a 10mL bottle of rose absolute for $74.95! I’ve never seen rose oil for less than $100 until now. They've got SO MANY oils that are less that $10/bottle! 

Plant Therapy also has a growing list of oils made from USDA Certified Organic plants. A 10mL bottle of organic lavender is only $10.95! Especially at this time of year, you may be interested in on of my favorites, Germ Fighter, or Immune Support (organic versions are just $9.95 each). There's also a line of chakra oils that can be purchased individually or in a complete set.

If you're concerned that a small company can't compete with the quality of the big dogs, Plant Therapy works with Robert Tisserand, a world-renowned expert in the field of aromatherapy and essential oils, as well as several analytical laboratories. They need to know all about the farmers, distillers, or suppliers before they'll even sample oils.

I've heard some people share concerns that since smaller companies like Plant Therapy source their oils instead of growing their own products, you can't be assured of quality. While some companies have acres and acres where they grow their own plants, none of them grow everything they sell. So where do they get it? That's right, they source it. Many companies source their oils from the same suppliers. That means that, regardless of the name on the bottle, many oils are probably more similar than you realize. Each bottle of Plant Therapy essential oil has the batch number right on the label. They also post the GC/MS reports on their website on the product's page under Test Results.

Plant Therapy has a full team of aromatherapists available to answer any aromatherapy questions you may have. They also have a great customer service team available to help you with questions, concerns, or advice. They are there to make sure that you have the resources to enjoy essential oils safely and with confidence. 

KidSafe by Plant Therapy is a line of essential oil products especially designed with children's safety in mind. All regular oils that are safe for kids have the KidSafe label, or you can skip right to the KidSafe section to find single oils, synergies, roll-ons, and even plushies!