Welcome to Embody Results!

Welcome to Embody Results!
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Thursday, December 20, 2018

How do you know when a product is actually working?

When you're using a product for a long time, it's easy to get used to it and begin to think it might not actually be working anymore. That's just what happened to me recently.

I ran out of my Juice Plus trio of capsules a couple months ago. To save some money around the holidays, I pushed out my next order for a few months. How big a difference could there be, right?

Pretty big, actually!

Here's what happened...

1. My nails started breaking. Over the course of about 2-3 weeks, every nail on both hands broke, split, peeled, or cracked at least once. And the growth between problems is sooooo slow.
2. My hair started breaking and falling out. It happens every time I wash, brush, comb, or run my fingers through it. It has no body, it's dry, and it's thinning. I used to use baking soda and vinegar with essential oils to clean and condition my hair, now it's so brittle that even that isn't helping. I need to use cleansers and conditioners that make the hair fall even worse.
(I've continued to take biotin supplements as I did before and during my Juice Plus. I'm more convinced than ever that they're not doing any good at all.)
3. My digestion has gotten much worse. Enough said.
4. My skin is looking dry and old. I never knew what crepey meant until now. I'm used to looking a few years younger than I am. Now I look at least a few years older.
5. My ADHD symptoms have gotten SO MUCH WORSE. I used to take my meds only occasionally. So infrequently, in fact, that I began to wonder if I really had ADHD at all. In the past couple weeks, I've struggled to get through the most simple tasks. Between fidgeting, forgetting, and being flighty, I can't seem to get anything done anymore. I also didn't realize my racing mind had slowed until it ramped back up again.
6. My allergy symptoms got worse.
7. I was having great success with weight loss and that has completely stopped. I've been reverting to previous bad eating habits and giving in to my food addiction. I honestly didn't even think the capsules were contributing to my weight loss.

Relating to 5 and 7: I have more hyperactivity, but less energy. So I constantly feel like I'm buzzing, but I'm too blah to do anything about it.

The list goes on, but this is enough to make my point. Juice Plus supplements work. They make a difference in so many aspects of health and wellness. I sang their praises for a lot of things in the past, but like I said, it's easy to forget how well something is working until you don't have it anymore. I can NOT wait to get started again!

While the $75/month for the trio of capsules sounds high, the cost of not having them ends up being higher. Typical monthly costs:

  • strengthening nail polish - $3* 
  • conditioner - $3* 
  • digestive aids - $10**
  • lotions - $5*
  • Ritalin - $55 
  • allergy medicine - $10**  
  • treats that I don't need - $20**
*Averaged because I don't use full bottles of nail polish, conditioner, or lotion every month.
**When used daily, these amounts are definitely higher.

 And none of them are working as well as the all natural ingredients of Juice Plus.

I'm getting back on the bandwagon in the new year! If you're interested in seeing improvements in your health without adding products that are just band-aids, join me! Message me or visit my website at jmellas-short.juiceplus.com.

When you order the capsules, your child can get capsules or chewables for free for up to four years! I'd love to talk to you about that!

Create a custom checklist to keep handy to help you remember your goals. Send it to me and I can help you stay on track. (Don't forget that all my Juice Plus customers get my coaching completely free!)

Let's start a healthier new year together! Contact me today for more info or go right to my site to place your order!