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Welcome to Embody Results!
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Monday, January 14, 2019

Shred10 Jan21-30: Prep Week

What do you do the week before Shred10?

This is the week to prepare for the Shred! Do some prep work this week to make Shred10 as easy as possible! Here are a few things you can do:
  • Inventory Your Fridge & Pantry
  • Meal Planning
  • Shopping Lists
  • Go Shopping
  • Meal Prep
  • Put Reminders in your Phone

The best place to start is taking inventory of your fridge and pantry. What do you have? What can be used? What's healthy and Shred-friendly? While you're at it, take a look for things that are expired, unhealthy, or just not going to be used. Of those things, donate anything you can, and throw away what you can't. I'm not a fan of throwing away food. I hate it, to be honest, but sometimes you just have to do it. Those holiday cookies from 2013 aren't going to be eaten. Admit it and toss them. 

Meal Planning
With your inventory fresh in your mind, go right to meal planning! You can use the Shred10 cookbook (I'll send you a digital copy when you order your Juice Plus package) or you can use your own recipes, following the Shred10 guidelines. Meal planning does NOT have to be complicated. You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen. Take a KISS approach! (Keep It Simple Stupid) When you're making your meal plan, don't forget any meals. Sometimes I focus on dinners and making sure they're Shred-friendly AND family-friendly. (No way I'm making two meals every night!) Breakfasts are smoothies or bulletproof coffee so that's easy peasy. Then, as if out of nowhere, comes lunchtime! What the heck?!? I always forget lunch. Like always. No idea why. Learn from my mistakes, friends, and don't forget meals. Once you have you plan laid out, you can begin to make your shopping lists. 

Shopping List
Shopping lists are crucial! If you're on a budget like I am, you don't want to get frivolous at the grocery store. That leads to poor choices and/or wasted food. ALWAYS do your planning before your shopping! Everything looks like a good idea until you check out and realize you've gone way over your budget, got several things you really don't need or can't use, and forgotten some of the things you did need. Make a list in advance and stick to it. If you have time, look for deals at several local stores and check for coupons. 

When you're ready to go shopping, focus on your list. Don't get carried away. This is a way to stay within your budget, and also to limit temptations. If you shop with "after the Shred" in mind, you will be missing the point. Shred10 is not a "diet" but a jumpstart to lasting healthy habits. You might want to plan at least two shopping trips during the Shred. Fresh produce can spoil quickly. Two trips could help you avoid throwing away food.

Meal Prep
This is an optional step, but very valuable. We all like to save time, right? Anything you can do in advance is only going to help you stay on track. Let's say that you go Shred shopping on Saturday. As you're putting things away, try to sort it for when you're going to use it. Having stir-fry on Monday? Put the veggies and meat together in the fridge. 
Make as many things grab-and-go as you can. If you like having nuts or trail mix as a snack, put serving sizes into individual bags. Wash your apples. Clean and cut up carrots and celery. Chop any veggies you can, such as the peppers for that stir fry. 
If you're going to make any crockpot meals, put the ingredients together in zipper bags so you can just dump it all in in the morning without giving it much thought. 
If you have a chunk of time to spare for meal prep, you could pre-cook some of the meat and veggies, prepare any sauces, and label things for the meals you've planned.

Phone Reminders
Another optional, but valuable, step! Set them up in advance and you don't even have to think about it while you're Shredding. What kinds of reminders? If you don't typically drink enough water, you might want to add one for that. If you have a desk job, maybe you could use a nudge to get up and walk around every hour. Bedtime can sneak up on us when we're busy. A "get ready for bed" reminder certainly couldn't hurt. You could also put your daily menu on your calendar so it's right there and you can plan for how long it might take to prepare meals. Positive affirmations are one of my favorite reminders! Set one to pop up and tell you that you're doing great or give yourself a quote that makes you smile. Remind yourself why you wanted to Shred in the first place. It can be difficult to get started, so keep your goals in mind. 

That's what you can do this week to feel, and be, prepared for Shred10 next week! When you Shred with a group, you have a support system in place to share best practices, ask for advice, support others, and get the support you need. Reach out today and join us for the second January Shred10!