Welcome to Embody Results!

Welcome to Embody Results!
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Exclusive Deals on Essential Oils!

To order Plant Therapy oils and products, email june@embodyresults.com, with the subject "Plant Therapy Order (date)." 

Deals on this page are exclusive to Embody Results and will not be honored through Plant Therapy's website, Amazon.com, or anywhere else Plant Therapy products are sold.

Payments are due at time of purchase via PayPal or Venmo
Shipping may be billed separately unless other arrangements are made.
August Deals!

Embody Results offers 10% off retail prices on all Plant Therapy products every day!
(Not including specials and monthly deals.)

Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint Set - $17.95
10mL bottles of three of the most popular essential oils! This set comes in a wooden gift box. 

10ml Organic Lavender Essential Oil - $9.85
Possibly the most well-known essential oil on the market, lavender is a cornerstone of any oil collection. It can promote a feeling of relaxation and improve skin health. Lovely when diffused into the air or diluted and applied topically. 

Which carrier oil should I use? I'm glad you asked! Plant Therapy just happens to have a chart!

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